Online Ordering

Please allow 2 hour notice on sheet pizzas.

18” x 26” Sheet Pizza cut into 32 slices                            $19.00

Additional toppings $4.00 (Extra Cheese and Chicken additional)

Gourmet Pizza: Your favorite Gourmet Pizza in a Sheet!!    $34.00

Full Size Platters Serve Approximately 18-24

Half Size Platter Serve Approximately 10-12

All Salads are served with choice of dressing served on the side.

Tossed Salad: Iceberg lettuce topped with tomatoes, black olives, and provolone cheese.                       Full Size:             $30.00          Half Size   $16.00

Chef Salad: Iceberg lettuce topped with tomatoes, black olives, green pepper, pepperoni, ham, salami, provolone and cheddar cheeses.   Half Size: $26.00

Grilled Chicken Salad: Iceberg lettuce topped with tomatoes, green pepper, provolone cheese, and grilled chicken           Half Size: $28.00

Taco Salad: Iceberg lettuce topped with tomatoes, green peppers, black olives, onions, provolone and cheddar cheeses. Finished with seasoned taco beef and tortilla chips. Served with Salsa.                       Half Size $30.00

Buffalo Chicken Salad: Iceberg lettuce topped with tomatoes, green peppers, black olives, provolone and cheddar cheeses. Topped with our boneless wings tossed homemade buffalo ranch.        Half Size $30.00

 Chicken Cranberry Salad: A Local favorite! Chopped lettuce with premium grilled chicken, fresh tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and cranberries. Amazing with raspberry vinaigrette!      Half Size: $30.00

Fried Chicken (Min. order of 40)

Served as a mix of breasts, legs, thighs, and wings $1.15 per piece

Served with our JoJo Potatoes $1.25 per piece

Wings: Hand breaded and deep fried. Unbreaded upon request.

50 Wings (2 flavors) $35.00             100 Wings (4 Flavors)     $70.00

Boneless Wings:  All white meat breaded chicken.    50 pieces   $29.00

                                                      Sauce choices:
Hot, Mild, BBQ, Honey Gold, Garlic, Spicy Garlic, Garlic, Ranch, Buffalo Ranch, and Teriyaki.

Bleu Cheese and Ranch Dressing are available for additional charge.

Chicken Fingers Platter: Breaded and deep fried all white meat chicken served with choice of sauce. Approximately 30 pieces     $35.00

Italian Sausage: Links of Italian Sausage served with a mix of grilled onions and green peppers than topped with our homemade marinara sauce.  Full Platter (Serves 20) $55.00      Half Platter (Serves 10)     $35.00

Meatballs: Smothered in our homemade marinara and topped with provolone cheese.                                              Full Platter (60)    $50.00                    Half Platter (30)    $30.00
Traditional Pasta Trays                                                       

                                                 Full Size                      Half Size

Rigatoni or Spaghetti             $34.00                         $18.00
Homemade Marinara  

Pasta with Meatballs:              $48.00                         $26.00

Meat or Mushroom Sauce:     $48.00                         $25.00                                                               
Baked Pasta:                           $42.00                          $22.00
Rigatoni or Spaghetti smothered with cheese and baked in oven

Chicken Parmigana:                $65.00                         $35.00
Choice of grilled or crispy fried chicken. 

Cheese Lasagna:                      $48.00                         $25.00
Layers of pasta, marinara sauce, and cheese.   

Meat Lasagna:                          $65.00                         $35.00
Layers of pasta, Ground Beef, marinara sauce, and cheese.  


Broccoli Mushroom Alfredo:   $45.00                       $25.00

Pasta covered in our creamy Alfredo

With fresh broccoli and mushrooms.

With Grilled Chicken                  $68.00                      $35.00


Vegetable Parmigana:                $45.00                      $25.00

Pasta topped with grilled mushrooms,

Onion, green pepper, and broccoli. Topped

With marinara and provolone cheese.


Cheese Ravioli:                           $70.00                      $40.00
Topped with marinara and cheese.

                     Cold Sub Platter:
Ham & Cheese or Favorite Italian:  24 pieces $40.00
Mayo and Mustard served on the side


                        Tomato Wrap Platter:
Ham & Cheese, Favorite Italian, BLT, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Garlic Chicken, Crispy Chicken, or Veggie
12 pieces      $30.00          24 pieces $60.00

Breadsticks: 24 breadsticks brushed with garlic butter and sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese. Served side of marinara                   $14.00

Garlic Knots: Our freshly made dough with garlic spread, knotted and baked to perfection. Served with marinara                            24 pieces: $12.00

Coleslaw:  10 lbs of our creamy coleslaw. Approx. 40 servings     $25.00

JoJo Potatoes:  100 of our famous Hand cut and breaded Jojos     $20.00 

Cheddar Bacon Jojo Platter:  Half Platter filled with JoJo Potatoes smothered in nacho cheese and bacon.              $21.00

Baked Apple Pie Pizza:  Freshly prepared dough with apple pie filling, cinnamon sugar, and topped with caramel and icing. 20 Slices: $18.00

Cold Veggie Pizza: Broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, black olives, and tomatoes on our fresh dough on cream cheese base.  20 Slices: $18.00

Brownie Bite Tray:  Served with chocolate syrup (50)               $23.00
Prices are subject to change due to market fluctuations.